We're Magicrise ®

A wellness movement

Magicrise® is a monthly event and thereby bring about a new culture of a health centric detox rave. Our aim is to catch the magic hour of dawn with spirited music (Instrumental, EDM, bollywood, flavor of the month) with a mix of interesting confetti & props. The purpose of the event is to create a curated, countrywide millennial community who are wellness-conscious. The event itself has become an energy filled awareness platform to this community. Each event will have a surprise element with a live musician or a magician joining in the mix of things.

The Magicrise® community loves surprises as long as you bring along the Unicorn inside you.

The Magician

rakhee mehta

Rakhee, has had an exceptional 8 yr foray in corporate retail.
After a rewarding experience she started her entrepreneurial journey with Ideashop

She now is the Director at Idea Shop Designs Pvt Ltd and also the founder of India’s first-morning wellness party MagicRise. In one year the brand/community has grown to 15 cities, Two countries, 300 trainers and counting. Most recently Rakhee & Magicrise, were also featured on the Nasdaq, Entrepreneurial Centers - Face of Entrepreneurship in Dec 2017.

She has been fondly given the term - Global Business Gypsy. She hopes one day she can share the extra-ordinary adventures which help her create business & life with the world to inspire others to take chances & say YES! She truly believe in changing the morning and evening party skylines in cities and towns with a wellness twist.


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